Loons, the Last Installment for this Year

Loons, the Last Installment for this Year

It was a pleasure for Deb & me to spend a lot of time photographing the Common Loons in Algonquin Park this summer and I hope you have enjoyed them.  In the next month or so the Loons which are normally very territorial begin to congregate in the Algonquin Lakes in preparation for their annual southern migration, which is generally completed by November.  The males normally leave earlier than the females & juveniles (as it is with Hummingbirds too) presumably because the juveniles need more time to grow & mature prior to migration.

These last images feature water drops which are always fun to photograph.  I’m already looking forward to next years ‘Loon Season’.

All images taken with a Canon 1D MkIII and 500 f/4 Lens, hand held from a canoe.

…and a solitary drop for the last image.


  1. Scott Martin

    Thanks Arni. I'm glad you liked them and we'll look forward to seeing them again next spring.

  2. great series! thanks for sharing!