Up and Running

Well, the first SMP website that was started over two years ago has been dismantled and I pointed the www.scottmartinphotography.ca domain to the Bluehost name servers ten minutes ago.  Apparently it will take a few hours for the registries to be updated & verified but once that is done all traffic will be directed to this new site.  The new site is not yet completed but will be in the next couple of weeks.  Please bear with us as the transition takes place.  Most of the galleries have been populated however I’m still working on getting the perching bird galleries completed. After that a few more information pages will be added as well as a shopping cart enabling the ordering of prints, posters, cards, frames and those sorts of things.

The old site was a template flash-based site that was provided by www.ifp3.com and they were a great company to deal with.  If you are a photographer looking for a flash web site I would recommend ifp3 as they offer the ability to build a complex multi-functional site with relative ease.  I was surprised to see that over the last twelve months there were 48,622 visits to the SMP site without any significant promotion.

The biggest downside of the website overhaul has been that its been about a month since I’ve been out with a camera.  At this time of year that means missing most of the raptor migration that has been taking place over Oshawa 🙂  Hopefully the winter Owls & Ducks will soon be arriving and I’ll be able to post some new shots on the blog fairly soon.


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  4. I can confirm that the redirect works just fine and the new site is great. Too bad about not being able to take pictures at this time of year but I can relate since I have been in the same position albeit for different reasons. I’m sure you’ll make up for lost time, looking forward to getting together.

    • Thanks Arni; its been a challenge but the learning curve quite enjoyable. I was able to sneak out this afternoon for a couple of hours and got a few keepers, which I suppose is now new blog material 🙂