Barred Owl and an iPad

Barred Owl and an iPad

Pardon me for the unusual title of this post however I’m at the cottage this weekend and am experimenting with an iPad 2 to make this post. So far everything is going smoothly and the iPad continues to be an impressive toy, well actually more than that, an impressive tool. The wonders of modern technology we are taking for granted today would be considered pure science fiction even two generations ago.

This past winter we were fortunate to have a pair of Barred Owls close by which were seemingly always available for a photo shoot. A couple of months ago Deb & I headed out very near sunset and found this owl sitting about eight feet off the ground and only ten feet from the path we were walking on. I took a few shots with the iPhone and then went back to the car to get my camera and 70-200mm zoom lens. We stayed with t he owl until it was too dark to take anymore pictures. It was a privilege to watch this beautiful bird as it readied itself for another evening of looking for mice & voles.

The following images are basically straight out of the camera with very little, if any, cropping. Although we took several shots the following two represent slightly different views than the usual perched owl poses.

Waking up after the afternoon nap.
Barred Owl-16

Stretching the wings before supper.
Barred Owl-17


  1. Nice images Scott; I think that when I am around the Barred Owls can sense my presence and decide to leave as I have only ever seen one, let alone 10 feet away!

  2. Great shots, I lived in a forested area outside Baltimore and had a resident Barred owl. i was able to get a few shots. i saw him in a tree and went back to mt house and got a camera, but couldn’t get as close as you did. Great shots. I miss hearing them call in the middle of the night. i had to sell my house.

    Dian Miller

    • Thanks Dian I’m glad you enjoyed these. We had a Barred Owl pair nest in a tree trunk about half a mile from our cottage (you can see in the Owls Gallery on my website) and last spring when I went to photograph them found out the tree had been cut down because the owls made too much noise at night 🙁 Thanks for taking time to read the blog and leave a comment; it is much appreciated.