Black-backed Woodpecker Video

Black-backed Woodpecker Video

One of the benefits of purchasing a Canon 5D Mk III was the ability to capture HD video as well as the usual still images.  This was somewhat intriguing as I’d never owned a video camera, nor taken any video other than with an iPhone.

The hope is to attempt to obtain video clips of the objects we photograph, which in the case of birds and wildlife will provide more behavioural information than is possible to convey with still images.

Here is the first attempt at such a video, which was taken with the 5D & 500mm lens and Gitzo tripod.  The video was edited with Photoshop CS6 which now includes a relatively  easy to use video editor.



The video was taken in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario Canada.

Regular photographs of the Black-backed Woodpecker can be viewed in the Woodpeckers Gallery



  1. This is a great video Scott. As you are aware, the downside of photography is that it is often difficult to appreciate the moment when you are concentrating on getting the ‘shot’ so the video brings back great memories. I will have to admit that half of those fill flashes are probably mine 🙂 Now I should post the video that shows how many flies were buzzing us there!

    • Thanks Arni. While on holidays I’ll work on the moose video clips. Your black fly video will illustrate well the high price we pay to get these images & videos so I will be looking for your next video blog.

  2. Rob Smith

    Fantastic Mate! Looks like you were in the company of many to see such a wonderful sight. Enjoyed this!

    • Thanks Rob and you are right, there were three or four of us at the nest that day. Deb & I where back again a few weeks ago in hopes of seeing some fledglings however the nest was empty and there were no signs of the Woodpeckers.