Venice – An Artistic Pictorial Tour of The City of Light

Venice – An Artistic Pictorial Tour of The City of Light

This last blog post from Venice will highlight some of the more artistic, iconic views of the city that I trust will show the wide-ranging photo opportunities that exist in The City of Light.  Venice has many nick names and the one I’ve chosen today serves to highlight the fact that lighting is the most important factor that must be considered when talking any picture.  Being at the right place with bad light means you are there at the wrong time.  Deb and I spent our first half day in Venice with a professional photographer, Marco Secchi, and our time with him was invaluable. Marco showed us the sights of Venice, had us at the right places at the right time when the light was perfect and helped us plan the rest of our time in Venice allowing us to find the best places to fully experience the city in the almost three days we spent there. Most of the images in today’s post were taken while we were with Marco. If you ever plan to be in Venice, you need to arrange your travel plans around Marco’s schedule!

Some of the 450 gondolas that ply the canals.

Venice 01

These next two images illustrate how two very similar pictures can create different results based on a slight change in composition. I probably took a dozen or more shots of this scene, and am still not sure which of these two is the best result.  Always take time when you find an interesting scene to explore many different angles and compositions in order to arrive at the best result.

Venice 20


Venice 19

Sometimes when the sun is in the absolutely the wrong place for a photography, you can be creative and make it work in your favour.  Thanks to Marco for teaching me to think ‘outside of the box’ and take a shot like this one.

Venice 22

The Bridge of Sighs taken using the old white marble rails of the bridge as a frame.

Venice 23

And a more traditional view.

Venice 24

The ornate veranda columns of Doge’s Palace and the interesting shadows they cast.

Venice 25

A charming Venetian Street.

Venice 26

The next two shots are of the crypt below San Zaccaria, a church named after Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist. Zacharius’ body is on view in the church. The crypt below the church was flooded, however by climbing down a few old wooden stairs it was possible to get some pics.  Unfortunately I did not have a tripod with me at the time so these shots are taken hand-held, ISO 4000 f/4 at 1/4 of a second.

Venice 27


Venice 29

A gondolier navigating the narrow canals. No three point turns here!

Venice 30

You could spend days simply photographing the windows and doors of Venice. This next image demonstrates how over the centuries nothing remains square in the city that is slowly sinking into the lagoon on which it is built.

Venice 31

This next shot has all the quintessential components that make it easily recognizable as being from Venice.

Venice 32

It’s great for a photographer when the colour of the clothes on the line match the boat 🙂

Venice 33


Venice 34

The long history and rich tradition of the gondolier is evident in the ornate detail of their gondolas.

Venice 35


Venice 36

The Acqua Alta Bookshop was the most interesting and unique bookshop we have ever been in. You have to see it to believe it and we were so happy that Marco took us by for a visit.

Venice 37

Unfortunately graffiti is a problem in Venice (as in most cities) so I’ve purposely included in this next shot of a well.

Venice 38

Here is an image of the same well composed to exclude the graffiti and create a completely different result.

Venice 39

And for something totally different, a close up of red and green peppers at the market.

Venice 45

Every archway leads to a wonderful view.

Venice 47

Although you’ve seen this final image before, it represents the sun going down on our time in Venice. I trust you’ve enjoyed this three part series from Venice and these photographs have either brought back fond memories of a past visit or perhaps persuaded you to add this beautiful city to your list of places to visit.

Venice 48

All of the images from Venice can be seen in the Venice Gallery




  1. This final series is exceptional as always with plenty of different angles, views and unique perspectives. You are beyond being just a ‘bird’ photographer!

    • Thanks Arni and thats the beauty of photography; the opportunities to use our gear on different subjects is endless. I’m just glad you count me among the bird photographers!