Welcome to SMP

Taking pictures is something I’ve been doing since I was a young lad growing up in the Ottawa Valley using my Dad’s Pentax SLR. The first camera of my own was a Canon AE-1 and I continue to use Canon equipment today. My photographic interests are varied, including nature (particularly birds) and landscape photography, while recently much time has been devoted to the areas of portrait, engagement and wedding photography. Blogging is a whole new world for me and the purpose of this blog will be to highlight recent work which can also be seen by clicking on the gallery button above.

Please take some time to read through the blog entries and also peruse the galleries to get a feel for the type of photography we do.  If you have comments you can leave them at the end of any blog posts or click on the Contact button on the home page to send me an email.  Also if you are interested in purchasing any of the images you see on the website or require a photographer for any reason please use the contact form to get a hold of me and I will provide you with a quotation.